Ultimate Tag

Ever wondered who made your clothes? How much were they paid? Where do the materials come from?! In this workshop, you are asked to craft your “ultimate swing tag”, a small yet impactful piece attached to clothing, revealing the story behind the garment and demanding answers to crucial questions many fashion brands refuse to answer.

With guidance, you will craft swing tags that serve as powerful symbols of accountability and conscious consumerism.

Join forces with like-minded individuals and assert your desires for transparency and sustainability from fashion brands.

Leah Gaynor and Fiore Farhand, two critical fashion practitioners who found common ground in fighting for a more sustainable and ethical fashion education and communication. The two have come together to tackle the level of transparency in the fashion industry and the (miss)use of clothing tags.

Ultieme tag 1
  • Non-stop
  • Industriemuseum, 4th floor
  • Active participation
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Child friendly