Trend in a second life store

Proclaiming a piece of clothing from a paper on this day will be a very elegant demonstration, but that is not our aim, our goal and our message is in the fair trend, to sensitize people to use more and more environmentally friendly materials, to use the ethical production methods and give advice and ideas of what we can do with clothes that we no longer wear.

In one of our departments we work with fashion and not only sustainability counts for a bright future, but also respect and appreciation. These three elements are very important in our home and people are sometimes not aware of them and contribute less often. At Catwalkangels and Smart Helen, every project is unique because we routinely apply a concept based on these three points.

Catwalkangels is a fashion agency, department for fashion performance in the organization with mother agency Smart Helen, event management sector. Through our fashion department we provide many other assignments such as fashion shows, courses and demonstrations.

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