Opening concert: Baba Zula + Mert Ali & Khail

Formed by Osman Murat Ertel and Levent Akman in 1996, BaBa ZuLa took Turkish psychedelic pioneers of the 1960s like Moğollar as their inspiration and foundation and added dub , electronics and ritualistic soundscapes on top for what they called Istanbul psychedelia, a scene that's since grown up around them. BaBa ZuLa have played all over the world, won awards for their work in film and theater, and had their albums counted among the most prestigious ever released in Turkey. They've also built a global network of like-minded performers, experimental souls in all genres of music, working with people as varied as Turkish opera singer Semiha Berksoy and dub mixer Mad Professor. In typically perverse and playful fashion they continue performing around the world composing and writing their own lyrics and designing their electric saz’es.

In addition to their musical achievements, BaBa ZuLa has also developed a striking visual identity, which has had a significant impact on both the fashion and art scenes in Turkey. They are praised for their quirky and eclectic style, which is evident in their stage outfits and album covers. The band members often blend traditional Turkish clothing with modern elements, resulting in a unique and unmistakable aesthetic.

Unique collaboration with Mert Ali and Khail

The two Ghent cousins Mert Ali and Khail bring their strong lyrics and energetic personality to De Centrale as the warm up of the Baba ZuLa concert. Mert Ali and Khail have already performed on various stages, including Vooruit and Trix, and yes, also several times in De Centrale. They are part of TRIPLE MB, a hip-hop collective that is quickly conquering the Ghent music scene, with their most recent achievement being the support act for Hef. Just sayin'...

  • Friday, 19h30
  • De Centrale, Turbine hall
  • Wheelchair friendly