Enter the world of EXTRAVAGANZA, where bright colours and bold prints come together with innovative digital techniques. Our designers embrace the fast-changing fashion industry and take inspiration from the organic developments in our daily lives. Expect a mix of traditional craftsmanship and technology, with non-traditional material choices and sustainability at the centre.

At EXTRAVAGANZA, combinations of new and second-hand first-class items form the basis for unique silhouettes that break boundaries and embrace inclusivity. Prepare for a fashion show full of surprises and contrasts, where every step on the catwalk makes a statement. Welcome to EXTRAVAGANZA, where fashion and creativity come together to define the future.

Collections from:

  • wzc The Liberteyt - youht (Studio X-pressive)
  • Sylvia Sarpong (KASK)
  • Liesl De Ridder (KASK)
  • Nanookc (SASK)
  • Söner Cetin (SASK)

Catwalk De centrale powered by Soner Cetin - direction & Lucie Kaisala - production

  • Saturday, 15h00-15h45
  • De Centrale, Cellar hall
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Child friendly