100% Textiel

Textile is everywhere and of all times. For centuries, people of all cultures have spun, woven, tufted, embroidered, made bobbin lace, sewn and knitted. Discover how textile is made in the brand-new exhibition ‘100% Textile’. From cotton to towel. With humming spinning machines, roaring looms and rattling sewing machines.

Nevertheless, the textile industry is facing challenges too. What does textile mean for workers in low-wage countries? Can a circular economy limit the climate impact of ‘fast fashion’? Immerse yourself in a story that offers quite some food for thought!

Welcome to the world of textiles

What is the impact of cotton on the environment? Can jeans be recycled? And are plastic bottles really used as raw material for fabric? Which plants do you use to color textiles? And did you know that tea bags, car tires and artificial grass are also made from textile? You will find the answer to these questions and more in the textile department of the Industriemuseum.

Listen to the stories of entrepreneurs and workers from the textile factories of yesteryear. Get to know today's alternative raw materials, techniques and solutions. And take a look over the shoulders of our makers in the textile workshop, have a chat with them or roll up your sleeves yourself.

  • Non-stop
  • Industriemuseum, 3rd floor
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Child friendly