Fair & Familiar: Fair Fashion for the whole family!

Step into the stylish world of sustainable and ethical fashion. On April 27 and 28, all generations are welcome at Fair Fashion Fest. Because in addition to inspiring exhibitions and vibrant performances, we also provide fun workshops for children of all ages. Together we step towards the future of fair clothing, one creation at a time. Discover our child-friendly activities here, among the program of the Industriemuseum.


On Saturday, April 27, a giant ball of clothing will roll from The Centrale to the Industriemuseum. This performance tumbles down Kongostraat at 1:30 pm and again at 4 pm. as a family you can learn how to tame the growing pile of clothes. With this giant ball of textiles, performer Dorian Chavez makes us aware of our own consumption behaviors. A unique experience even for the little ones.

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Tinker Studio

Let your imagination run wild. Throughout the weekend, your whole family can visit the 5th floor of the Industriemuseum. In the tinker studio you will get to work with cheerful materials and delicate techniques. Tinker? That's creating without a manual, for big and small!

Visible mending

Hole in the seam? That's an easy fix. Teach your kids the magic of mending. On the 4th floor of the industrial museum, you can practice different mending techniques. So when the little rascal returns home with a hole in his pants, you'll know exactly what to do!

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Tataki zomé

Hammer away! In the garden of the industriemuseum, you can enjoy this colorful workshop all weekend long. Tataki zomé, or flower pounding, is an ancient Japanese technique where you beat the colors of plants and flowers into your fabric with a hammer. Perfect opportunity to create a matching spring print for the whole family.

Be guided by your childlike amazement. On the 3rd floor of the industriemuseum you will find several walk-in workshops. On Saturday and Sunday, the world of textile recycling opens up to you.

Spread your eyes wide and get inspired. Because who knows, maybe your offspring will be a designer of the future.

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From jeans to paper

You'll be amazed about the creative possibilities hidden in your old jeans. Witness the amazing transformation from jeans to paper. Discover the revival power of recycling together during the walk-in workshop on Saturday.

How to ecopimp your clothes?

Life is better in color. Unleash your inner painter. Learn all about coloring with beit's pastes. This plant-based painting technique will allow your kids to safely dabble in paint. Discover the colors of nature on Sunday.

From wool to yarn

From sheep's coats to their own soft masterpieces. On Sunday's walk-in workshop, we'll bring this age-old technique back to life. Introduce your little ones to the art of spinning. Soon you'll be knitting a homemade sweater for your sweethearts.

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Your family weekend is quickly filled with educational activities. Had enough of all that learning?

Take a break on De Centrale's terrace with a Komaf coffee. Be enchanted by our fashion shows or find sustainable goodies for the whole family at our Fair Fashion market. At the end of the day, you will be at home in the world of fair fashion.

So let the whole family shine in their most sustainable outfits and adventure into the world of Fair Fashion. Where you not only contribute to valuable change, but also valuable memories. We look forward to welcoming you.

For more information and updates, follow our event via @gentfairtrade_fairfashionfest!